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Urvi Dhanesha

Project Head and Faculty
The Feeling of Completeness begins with the START

Experience & Activities

From being a girl next door to being an inspirational transformer and leader, this girl has created a place for herself in the organization and in the hearts of thousands of people. A true example of constantly creating shifts in one’s life, she has literally put all her talents to full use and left no stone unturned to transform herself and others from ordinary to extraordinary. When she transforms, she doesn’t take any aspect of you for granted. Connecting with people and big opportunities is her left-hand job. She has a keen eye to spot positivity in you and you can’t help being mesmerized by her straightforward, genuine aim to transform your life. Presenting multi-talented, flexible, speedy, bubbling with energy, master-connector and unstoppable leader, Ms. Urvi Dhanesha

  • Played a key role in establishing international centers of the organization
  • Led training and workshops in various parts of India, Kenya, and Mauritius
  • Expert Memory Trainer
  • Master in Public Relations
  • Trained number of coaching classes’ viz. Naidu’s Academy of Developmental Studies, Sir Academy in Dombivali, Pramod Sir Classes, Jamnabai School, and many more.
  • Known for the sharp diligent eye to bring clarity of work and energetic, powerful sessions