Neerav Mehta Personal Finance Coach, Stock Trading Expert & Business Mentor

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    Neerav Mehta

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    Personal Finance Coach, Stock Trading Expert & Business Mentor 

    Financial Expert, Growth Vidhyapeeth

    Mr. Neerav Mehta is one of the well-known Personal Finance and Investment Experts in India. He specializes in comprehending the psychology behind every move in the market and then educating about the same so that one can use it for their benefit. Renowned for his deep insights into financial markets and expertise in technical analysis, Mr. Mehta is an admired speaker, consultant, and business mentor too.


    Mr. Neerav Mehta’s approach to financial literacy is holistic and tailored to individual needs. He utilizes a unique combination of trading tools suited for both trending and non-trending market conditions. 

    What sets him apart is his ability to understand and interpret the psychology behind market moves. He translates this knowledge into practical insights, empowering others to walk through the complexities of the financial world.


    Mr. Mehta has a proven track record of making a significant impact on his audience with his training programs including Personal Finance Simplified and the Stock Trading Vidhyapeeth. His sessions are known for their detailed observations, objective approach, and practical to-the-point solutions. Whether speaking to seasoned professionals or newcomers to the financial industry, Neerav’s insights resonate with his audience.

    Neerav is also an admired Business Mentor to over 30 leading Indian entrepreneurs.


    Deep expertise in the financial domain and trading experience of more than 16 years give him an upper hand in understanding market actions. He has primarily employed Technical Analysis and Price Action in his trading journey.

    His trading journey is marked by innovative and personalized trading strategies. These techniques have empowered countless individuals to achieve consistent gains in the stock market. 

    His diverse background extends across roles at esteemed organizations like Oracle Inc. USA and Deloitte Consulting.

    Neerav has also always been an eager spiritual learner. It’s commendable that it was left untouched amidst the complexities of a successful corporate career.  

    A Visionary Mentor & a Master Analyst- Mr. Neerav Mehta!