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Mayur Nandu

Assistant Director
There are 7.7 billion people in this world. But there is no another YOU.What you can give, nobody else can!

Experience & Activities

He is the mastermind behind all the transformational endeavors of the World Human Development Center. He is a constant researcher, strategist, leader on a mission with a total commitment to raising the bar each day. He is relentlessly driving the organization towards the pinnacle of success and productivity. Filled with compassion to the very core, he goes out of his way and comfort zone to fill the lives of his participants with Love, Joy, Passion, and Fulfilment. He strives to maintain the sanctity and quality of the organization’s world-class and unique transformational workshop designs and its delivery. With his focused eye on the Organization’s noble vision, he is constantly moving forward to bring about a massive wave of transformation in the world. He has many facets to him. He is an inspiration, a sharp mentor, meticulous coach, game-changer, trusted counselor, and a true buddy for his team and participants. Presenting the Human Engineer, Achiever, Farsighted Executive Director of World Human Development Center, Mr. Mayour Nandu

  • Executive – Director Of the organization
  • Business Coach – Guide – Mentor for all age groups
  • Trained & Transformed more than 20,000 Individuals & Entrepreneurs internationally and in India
  • Leading role in developing centers across the globe and expansion of the organization
  • Led training at well-known corporate companies like Godrej, Reliance, Siemens, Della, Donear, and others
  • Been a guest speaker at various key associations like JITO, ICAI, TAIT, ASIRT., BPMA, AIEE, Jain Terapanthi Samaj, and others
  • Has done in-depth study of all the religions
  • Hypnotherapist and NLP Trainer
  • An Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer
  • Known for his Radiance & Insightful Guidance