Mayour Nandu - Business Coach and Cashflow Consultant

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    Mayour Nandu

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    Business Coach, Cashflow Consultant & Corporate Trainer

    Director, Growth Vidhyapeeth

    Mr. Mayour Nandu is one of India’s leading Business Coaches and Corporate Trainers who has trained and transformed Professionals and Entrepreneurs across India and abroad. His deep understanding of organizational dynamics and his ability to inspire individuals at all levels equip him with innovative solutions that foster growth, resilience, and sustainable success.


    Mr. Mayour Nandu adopts a personalized and hands-on approach to each of his training programs, to meet the specific requirements and goals of participants and organizations. 

    He conducts a thorough assessment of his participants’ needs, culture, and objectives, ensuring that his programs are tailored to address specific pain points and aspirations. Mayour’s approach emphasizes practical strategies and actionable insights that can be readily implemented in their personal and professional lives.


    Mr. Mayour Nandu, through his out-of-the-ordinary workshops including Business Cashflow Mastery and Business Vidyapeeth, has trained and transformed 20,000+ Professionals and Entrepreneurs globally. He has led training sessions at multinational organizations like Godrej, Reliance, Donear Industries, and many more. In addition to these, he has also been a guest speaker at various associations like JITO and ICAI.

    Mr. Mayour’s impact on his audience is profound and enduring. His engaging speaking style with his ability to connect on a personal level, captivates audiences and ignites their passion for growth and development.  Participants leave his sessions feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with newfound skills and perspectives that drive them towards success.


    Mr. Mayour Nandu is an Engineer, a Corporate Trainer, a Life & Success Coach, and a Motivational Speaker with over 20 years of rich experience mentoring individuals of all age groups. Apart from being the Director of Growth Vidhyapeeth, Mr. Mayour Nandu is also an NLP Trainer and a Hypnotherapist. He has studied ancient sciences, religions, and their organizational impacts. 

    His proficiency in corporate transformation strategies, coupled with his ability to inspire and motivate individuals, sets him apart in the realm of professional development.

    A curious researcher, a sharp mentor, and a compassionate individual- Mr. Mayour Nandu!