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Kimii Shah

Project Head and Faculty
A helping hand is better than a blaming mind. It’s your responsibility to contribute to this world before you exit it.

Experience & Activities

She is an energetic leader of WHDC. Known as the paragon of Massive Action. A passionate as well as compassionate trainer, who aims to transform people to realize and actualize their Goals. A creative writer who is an ocean of words, a classical singer, and a talented dancer. Multitasking is her left-hand job. An ace memory trainer has in-depth philosophy about life and its purpose. Can connect with one and all instantly. Presenting a very powerful leader of World Human Development Center, Ms. Kimii Shah

  • Contributing transformation in individuals belonging to different age groups since 2009
  • Institutional Sales Head, Trainer, and Faculty Leader
  • Trained and transformed Teenagers from various cities of India
  • Led workshops for coaching classes like Sir Academy, Genius Academy, Kirtida Tutorials, Ojas Academy, and many others.
  • Holds a Master’s Degree in Communication and Journalism
  • Former Content Writer with Rajshri Productions
  • Expert Memory Trainer
  • Mumbai University Ranker
  • An intentional leader who connected the organization with many key coaching institutions and groups
  • Trained in Bharatnatyam Dance form, Classical Singing, and an Impactful writer
  • Known for her enthusiasm for creating shifts in people’s lives.