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Driple Shah

Project Head & Faculty
Love yourself like you are the most desirable person on this earth

Experience & Activities

During World Human Development Center workshops, he realized that transformation is possible and anyone can become the best version of himself. Touched by the powerful, noble, and divine act of transforming lives, he was inspired to become a coach himself. Filled with compassion, he understands the vulnerability of a human in troubled waters and is always on the path of inspiring others by mastering the art of implementation. He himself walks the path first to make things easier, simple, and create win-win situations for his fellow beings! Let me introduce the epitome of integrity, far-sightedness, and leadership, the chief executive officer of our organization, Mr. Driple Shah

  • CEO of WHDC since 2016
  • International trainer of World Human Development Center leading workshops since 2007
  • Successfully nurtured  Business Vidyapeeth project
  • Master Life and Business Coach
  • Business Management Graduate
  • Be a keynote speaker at organizations like Juhu Jagruti Club, Jito group, and many more. Conducted training at many prestigious colleges.
  • Has been successfully mentoring over 300 Entrepreneurs since 2016
  • Played an essential role in forming and establishing Business Vidyapeeth Entrepreneurs Forum
  • Transformed people belonging to all walks of life
  • Known for his integrity and creating win-win situation