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Charmy Chheda

Project Head and Faculty
Destiny gives us two choices - lead or follow

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Her determination and ambitious attitude enabled her to be a part of the international team of the organization as her first-ever project. Her curiosity helps her plunge into the very roots of the subject or people in front of her. Her talks will surely prompt you to rethink your past and transform you completely! She is impassioned to develop and nurture new leaders. Presenting the future-oriented, master connector leader, amazing counselor Ms. Charmy Chheda.

  • International Transformational Motivational Trainer
  • Efficient Leader, Life Coach & Counsellor of children, students, professionals, housewives, and businessmen
  • Has managed and led Life Vidyapeeth Workshops for people belonging to various walks of life
  • Has successfully led Projects and Workshops in Kenya, Mauritius, and India since 2013 for various age groups.
  • Played an important role in developing centers in different cities.
  • Initiated and nurtured ‘The Intent Forum’ – an association of Life Vidyapeeth Workshops’ ex-participants striving to support each other’s goals
  • Successful 2nd generation Entrepreneur of her family business – Kalakruti Tours and Travels
  • Graduate in tourism- IATA qualified
  • Led workshops and training in different parts of India
  • Known for her determination to transform and grow people