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Bhuvan Dhanesha

Project Head and Faculty
Learning is the only secured earning which can never be taken away from you!

Experience & Activities

He has become one of the pioneer leaders to lead the organization into various new centers and spread its values into the lives of people belonging to different cultures and strata of society. Known for his creativity and spiritual outlook of life, he is like the ocean – peaceful with depth and abundance within. This meticulous leader is a perfect blend of talent, patience, humility, responsibility, and deep thinking that has been an asset for the company’s numerous ventures. Presenting you down to earth, the epitome of fortitude, thorough leader, Mr. Bhuvan Dhanesha.

  • International Motivational Trainer.
  • Has played a vital role in developing international centers of the organization like Kenya and Mauritius.
  • Successfully lead the international team of trainers, faculties and run international centers.
  • Successfully developed and nurtured the Marketing and Sales Department of the organization.
  • The special talent of conceptualizing and strategy making.
  • Expert Memory Trainer- can memorize 300-400 words at a time.
  • Has been a trainer for all the teenage workshops as well as a life coach for adults.
  • Led workshops at many popular institutions like Children’s Academy, J B Vachha School, and others.
  • Popular for his mindful thinking, meticulous calm nature, and patience.
  • Impassioned for creating new ideas and concepts.