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    Latesh Shah

    (Founder Chairman)
    I is You are Universe is Me

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    Transformation is the very basis of all his actions. Nurturing and growing people runs in his blood. Be it his writings, be it his unique Workshop designs, be it his discourses or powerful talks, be it his spiritual meditation camps, be it his drama performances or his businesses; Human transformation and development are at the very core of it. He has rightly conferred the title of Human Builder.

    He is the epitome of creative leadership. Creativity and leadership are both natural to him. He had a keen interest in studying and observing the very design of different humans. Driven towards dramatics from the tender age of 12, he closely studied human nature and life. Owing to his creativity, he has been a pioneer of various novel projects to his credit.

    • He  transformed an entire 524 houses earthquake-stricken village within a short span of only 6 months
    • Planted ample water-hungry plants of strawberry on the drylands
    • Introduce street plays culture to create awareness on a mass level in Mumbai and that too at the time of emergency
    • Made hoardings and banners a popular medium of advertising for products
    • Brought in the idea of pocket theatre
    • Discovered that petroleum jelly can be extracted from Salvadora
    • His Chitkaar Gujarati play became the Sholay of Gujarati plays.
    • He is an effective businessman, a master coach with mastery at developing and flourishing human lives.
    • He himself has done more than 35 businesses and is a consultant to many top-notch entrepreneurs.
    • Transformed teenagers in juvenile prisons of Mumbai
    • Contributed to thousands of lives of slum children, blind people, underprivileged and tribal lives.
    • Meditated and sought wisdom from many monks in the Himalayas

    He is one of his kind, a generous risk-taker who has been successfully identifying the Leader within ordinary inhibited people and is even today, leaving no stone unturned to transform them into world contributors and constructive leaders and pillars of the society.

    He is an institution in himself who has been relentlessly providing a platform for raw talents to shine and prosper in their fields.

    Introducing the humble, child at heart, class apart contributor of this world, the founder chairman of World Human Development Center, World Peace Ambassador and Best Citizen of India, Mr. Lateshh Shah.

    Few Achievements and landmarks of his life

    • Awarded as the World Peace Ambassador
    • Awarded as the Best Citizen of India
    • Awarded Rabindranath Tagore’s Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Vagad Ratna Award
    • Designer of all World Human Development Center’s transformational workshops
    • Visionary – Transformer – Life Coach
    • Creator of Innovative Business Modules
    • Famous Actor –Efficient Writer – Meticulous Director – Sharp Producer
    • Sage Business Consultant – Human Builder – Agriculturist
    • Healer –Researcher- Generous Contributor – Meditator
    • Transformed and inspired thousands of lives to date
    • Gujarati Mid-Day Newspaper Columnist
    • Known for being a Master Experimentalist &  Unstoppable Compassionate Transformer

    Get to know him closely through the below excerpts from an interview

    What motivated you to lay the foundation of the World Human Development Center?
    Human designs, human nature, and human attitude motivated me to lay the foundation of the World Human Development Center (WHDC).

    What has been the turning point of your life?
    After rehabilitation of village kakrava – Bhachau (Kutchh -Gujarat) I felt an earthquake is a lesson to all the citizens to become more aware in life. We must transform people from negativity to positivity. Bring all people together globally. I was already a known writer, director, actor, producer doing plays. Running a successful showroom and running an advertising company but due to the earthquake, I met Motibapa and I heard his story and that was my turning point.

    Who is your role model?
    My role model is my father, Lok Nayak Jayprakash Narayan and Mahatma Gandhi, and of course my Lord Shiva.

    What is your favorite pastime?
    My favorite time pass is reading, watching dramas and films

    Tell us something about how and when you discovered your life goal of human transformation?
    I found my life goal when I realized that I am a natural transformer, I wrote all dramas (150 one-acts and 30 full-length plays) on transformational subjects. Whenever I used to talk to people they were knowingly unknowingly transformational talks!

    How do you get the patience and perseverance to constantly grow and develop leaders?
    I feel that if I create 1 lakh leaders and they, in turn, transform 10000 people each, it will create a big difference in this world. I have the patience and passion to see the world transformed.

    Can you give an insight on your quote ‘I is U are Universe is Me’?
    I am a soul and souls are one, connected with the source. We all are one. So I felt that ‘I am You  are Universe is Me’

    How have you managed to be a learner for life? We still find you observe the little things in life
    Learning is living life, learning is leading, and learning creates listening. You start loving all beings without discrimination.

    Any message for the readers?
    Learn and spread love peace knowledge and celebration